LEGOSE:Medida de LED light
  • A photometric device devoted to light measures
  • Designed to improve your laboratory capabilities in LED light services
  • Provide you full access at the primary data from multi-wavelenght goniometer capabilities through standard USB port
  • Available models:     Photometric     N-Channel     Continuous
  • Features
    Number of wavelenghts  5  
    Wavelenghts selection
    (on request by the user)
    Bandwidth (FWHW)  10nm  
    Photometric dynamic range
      7 (1-107)  
    Photometric windows
      3 (1-103)  
    Levels of digitalization
    (in the selected photometric window)
      14 bits  
    Photometric linearity
    (Hamamatsu sensor)
    Angular measurement density
    (degree in both axes)
    (degree in both axes)

    Data type delivered  Raw data  
    Communication protocol  SnellOptics propietary  
    Data sequence  Elevation
      Sensor value  
    USB 2.0 port
    Operative conditions
    Temperature  -4ºC to 50ºC  
    (without condensation)
    Vibration  Lab use  
    Weight  12 Kg(aprox)  
    Dimensions  500x500x500mm  
    Power supply  220V AC @ 4A  
    Power consume
    in hold status  0.04W  
    in running status  700W  
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